Why Arrow is the Ultimate Bad Guy Turned Good

17 Oct 2017
The Green Arrow is one of DC's longest running characters and has been a household superhero name for generations. Recently re-vamped for the small screen, this playboy billionaire turned vigilante has been gracing our TV screens since 2012. His crime fighting exploits are on par with any of his Justice League companions, but there is one aspect where he stands out from the crowd – his unmatched role reversal from bad to good. Arrow's past as a conceited socialite makes his journey to being a hero all the more compelling. Let's take a closer look and see why Arrow is the ultimate bad guy turned good...
Oliver Queen AKA The Green Arrow

Shameful past

It's no secret that before Arrow became his crime fighting alter-ego he was the self-infatuated playboy Oliver Queen. It’s fair to say that Oliver Queen has some things in common with his DC friend Bruce Wayne; both billionaire playboys who care more about money and wooing women than helping others. Disliked by those around him, it takes a shipwreck of his family's yacht and five years on a deserted island to change Queen’s conceited and obnoxious ways.

arrow Season 5 TV

Redeeming his family tree

Time spent on the mysterious desert island changes Oliver for the better, and he returns home to right the wrongs done to his hometown, Star City. Not only that, but he plans to redeem his father who was also with him during the shipwreck and died while on the island. Oliver feels that his father could have done so much more to help his beloved city, so he takes that responsibility on himself to become Star City's voice of judgement.

Hometown vibe

In contrast to some of his Justice League companions, Arrow is all about taking care of street-level crime in Star City. It's not that he isn't eager to take on bigger villains, but he's focused specifically on helping the hurt civilians of his beloved city. Everyone loves a down-to-earth super hero, and his character development from conceited billionaire to crime-fighting master archer is what keeps us coming back for more.

arrow Season 5 TV

More than just a vigilante 

Arrow's new moral compass is always pointing straight and he develops through the series from 'avenging killing machine' to 'cool-collected crime fighter'. Oliver decides he can no longer be the killer and all-round bad guy he once was, and for a genuine transformation to take place he needs to stop crime in Star City without taking any lives. He doesn't want to be known just as a small town vigilante, but as a keeper of the peace and someone the civilians of Star City can look up to.

Arrow's track record of keeping his cool and saving lives makes him the ultimate bad guy turned good. Learn more about his superhero transformation and the new series airing this month, here.

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